10 Days Of Darkness .... Biden Sworn Into Corporation

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 We are in the "10 Days Of Darkness". We will be experiencing ever greater amounts of Mainstream Media Misinformation...if that were even possible. 

10 Days of what? Mike, that's a bit cynical... Didn't we just get a new President?


Joe Biden was sworn into the defunct U.S. Corporation as designed in the Act of 1871 through the initial creation of the central banking system inside the United States. Later, with the creation of the Federal Reserve, American's fates were sealed. 

Read Act 1871 in the Library Of Congress

What lies ahead?

The impeachment of President Trump, which is a good thing.

Why, because it forces the house managers to argue the case for insurrection while simultaneously tightening the noose around their necks. 

Next on the horizon is the greatest part of the awakening. The realization that you are actually free.

What do you believe will happen next?

I welcome your thoughts in the comment section below.


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10 Days Of Darkness .... Biden Sworn Into Corporation


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