3 Ways To Add VALUE By Doing Nothing

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Grand Canyon – How can you add value to the grand canyon? You can’t. No one can. That’s the point. By conserving the glory and beauty of the grand canyon, we can ensure future generations have something to marvel at. As the urban expansion continues to grow like mold on a sandwich, the conservationist saves the landscape. Add value to the grand canyon by keeping it beautifully natural.


Holding stocks – No emotions. The stock doesn’t know you are there. It doesn’t know who you are. It adjusts based on the market. If you are watching an over valued stock with no debt and serious company vision, hold fast and do nothing. Watch it until it’s under valued than strike. Sure, you can ride a short down but that’s way riskier. Just doing nothing during the volatile moments can help you weather the storm and come out the other side, hopefully unscathed. It’s a hard lesson to learn.


Training a pupil – When it comes time to practically apply the skillset you have just trained someone in, it becomes difficult for many instructors to remain hands off while the pupil struggles. During training is the best time to get frustrated and fail. It is during these times of controlled stress that individuals have an opportunity to rise to the occasion and prove to everyone that they can perform well. Like watching your kids learn to ride their bikes. It’s tough watching them struggle and fall. But it is so worth it watching them succeed. They prove to themselves, most importantly, that they can do it. That is the instructor’s reward. 

How do you add VALUE by doing nothing?


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