Becoming A Creative Genius Again

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All of us are born creative geniuses. School washes it out of us. A study proving this was given to school children, age 5. It showed 98% were genius level. Those same subjects age 25 fell to 5%. Only 2% of us are creative genius over age 31.   But there is hope.  "Becoming A Creative Genius [Again]" by Carl Nordgren

You were born a creative genius. You may become one again....and the older you get the more creative genius you possess. You have a lifetime of tools and experience to draw from. Don't fall victim to the myth, "you can't teach an old dog new tricks." It all boils down to the desire one has to decalcify their pineal gland and get the juices flowing. 

I shamelessly admit, I am in the 2% of creative genius past 31. It is a blessing and a curse. I wish for you to join me. I wish for us all to break free the shackles slapped on us by school-factories. 

I sincerely wish for you to become a creative genius AGAIN!

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