Crypto Sell Off We Are Going Back To Gold Standard

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On this episode of the PENNEY PODCAST, Crypto currency is getting sold off quicker than they can make it, because it doesn't exist. It's not real. It doesn't hold intrinsic value. That is why we are going back to a gold standard.

On these 3 previous episodes I have warned about where we are heading for hyperinflation.

Hyper Inflation


How To End Hyperinflation

Crypto currency is not the way of the future. It is fictitious currency. It is man made. It does not hold value.

Which is a tale older than recorded history. Currency that does not hold intrinsic value is always destined to fail.

It's one of the leading causes to Rome falling; it's fiat currency.

Inflation drives prices up. Including that of gold, which currently is $1892 and some change per ounce. Whew, that's a lotta loot.

I am simply saying get your plan squared away. Know what your next move is.

I can help you over at

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