Diversity Delusion

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"The Diversity Delusion" by Heather MacDonald is a breath of fresh air. Here is a smart, well educated, leader shedding light on the pure insanity that occurs inside universities and mainstream corporations. DIVERSITY IS A DELUSION - Diversity training, "biases" it's all BULLSHIT.

Plain...simple... bullshit.

It's contrived lies baked into a convenient paradoxical narrative.

Heather MacDonald does an outstanding job sifting through the liberal double-speak to provide clarity on what is happening. Sheeple are being fed spoonfuls of bullshit at exorbitant tuition costs. Children go to college as children and walk away somehow worse off.

Seems to me like I was smart as hell to join the infantry and make my way to the frontlines where we lack television. Oh the irony of being in the military and coming home only to find huge swaths of our population have been brainwashed. 


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