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I've had numerous people tell me that Donald Trump spent time with Jeffery Epstein, on his island and jet. I wish to dispel that rumor and also highlight a couple of other names who you probably didn't know took a cruise out to Epstein's playground.

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We say Epstein Island all the time but in all actuality it was more Ghislaine Maxwell's island. Her family has a strange and interesting history. Ghislaine's father, Robert Maxwell, owned a huge media conglomerate Maxwell Communications Corporation. Upon his death it was parsed out to the most renowned companies of our time; Macmillan, McGraw Hill, Simon & Shuster.

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These companies control a great deal of the media we all see today. That includes print news and book publishers as well as televised and cinematic. It's quite striking just how much influence the Maxwell family has had on all of us.

Ghislaine's influence, through Epstein's facilities, has spread across world leaders. Where sex slaves ran by celebrity cult leaders funnel information to powerful people. 

This all seems stranger than fiction. Like something out of a novel or something. Yea, as if they controlled the publishing companies .....🙄

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