Ghislaine Maxwell Sex Trafficker

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We say Epstein Island all the time but in all actuality it was more Ghislaine Maxwell's island. Her family has a strange and interesting history. Ghislaine's father, Robert Maxwell, owned a huge media conglomerate Maxwell Communications Corporation. Upon his death it was parsed out to the most renowned companies of our time; Macmillan, McGraw Hill, Simon & Shuster. Ghislaine Maxwell pulled in the girls and groomed them.

Epstein played front man and go between for the playboys and playgirls for that matter. Many powerful women have been included in the mix. Evelyn De Rothschild, Hillary Clinton, Huma Adedin, Gale Kind, Oprah, Michelle Obama; many powerful leaders have been wrapped up in the maxwell web and it goes much further.

This isn't the first sex cult club that has been outed in recent years.

CLICK HERE to read my piece on the Celebrity Sex Cult Leader, Keith Reiner  

LEADERS, we need to share information with our people to ensure others are aware of what is happening in the world.  January is national human trafficking awareness month. We need to know about what is happening in our country. These sick people work all around us. We are the LEADERS who are actively doing something about it. Keep shining a light into the darkness. I will continue to earn your shares and subscriptions. 

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 ghislaine maxwell sex trafficker


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  • Hi Michael
    I unfortunately Came to the Q Party late. I’m working overtime to catch up. It seems to me that the 10 days of darkness refers to the White House being dark following the inauguration which puts us at January 31. Also in Michael Flynn’s interview where he referenced Washington telling his troops he needed 30 more days, he repeated this at least 4 times. He also each time mentioned that it was from the date of December 31. Again this puts us at January 31st. Lastly, in one of Qs post he mentions Freedom Day. Freedom Day is February 1st. I think something big is happening this Sunday.

    Suzanne Davis on

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