Hillary Hanged, Giuliani Raided, Kerry Giving Iran Intel, Stock Earnings Are Bogus

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Hillary Hanged, Giuliani Raided, Kerry Giving Iran Intel, Stock Earnings Are Bogus... and the list goes on!


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More and more leaders are waking up to what has been happening.

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  • They don’t give up the political life because they know they can escape the law. Some of them are the most hardened criminals the worst the most dangerous and they get away with it it’s been there for years they’ve been destroying this country destroying human life plant life everything that’s it’s gone bad through them. All the social security money from all those that lost their lives during the wars what happened to all that money more money than they ever thought they could spend but they did their own selfish greed but sending it to other countries foreign countries getting everything free and what did they do with the money they built their arsenal to go against us they took the money from those that died fighting for freedom and used it to dictators communist parties to build up arsenal that would kill American citizens hard to believe but that’s what they did that’s why this country is in the danger we are and you keep right on voting for Democrat after Democrats and most of them aren’t even Democrats. And to be elected into a Democrat party you almost have to have some form of criminal behavior because that’s what makes them stick together they had to embracing the law somewhere along the line had to do something unethical immoral anything where they could keep them and keep a hold on them and they had to do whatever had to be done or that stranglehold would really tighten and they be thrown out and more than likely put into prison long as they play games they could sit there and become filthy Rich and they have all that are expense so those criminals were looking at today the criminals are a bit around for years and it’s time to do something about it any of you how many children were in there dead bodies in there and that couldn’t foundation plays a big part in that human trafficking and she was the one that yelled out don’t concede Biden no matter what don’t concede of course not Hillary had a lot to lose. Hillary knew that you would gather those kids Enterprise they’ve got going he’s got 11,000 children and he wants 15,000 why in God’s name are the American people sitting back and not doing something about it why are people in other countries not speaking out to do something about it where is the UN what the hell did we ever create them for this should be under tip of their tongue but no how many times it may may millions of dollars like office Saddam well the time we either form a new UN or we just get rid of the one we got

    reba on
  • Did anybody bother to read the “About us” section of “Real Raw News”. They clearly state: “Segments of this website may contain humor, parody, or satire.”
    How convenient that the supposed videos are all encrypted.

    Kenn on
  • I thought Kerry was at GITMO awaiting trial?

    Susan on

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