How To Teach People Of Color

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Auditory Visual Kinesthetic learning follow by practical application of the skillset until adoption has occurred.

How do you teach ALL people? Auditory Visual Kinesthetic learning follow by practical application of the skillset until adoption has occurred. That's how.

Every race, every color, every creed, we all learn the same way, through auditory, visual, kinesthetic learning techniques to absorb information then we practically apply the skillset we've learned until it becomes adopted as habit. That is how every human learns a new skillset. I know this because I am a master instructor, per the parameters set forth by the U.S. Department of Defense; which makes me capable of training instructors and instructor trainers as well. I've trained over 40,000 personnel. 

Nowhere, in all of my education, have I ever been taught the proper way to train black, yellow, white, red or any other color of people. Because that is absurd.

Yet, we accept students to institutions of learning based on skin color, then we are told that we must hire people and treat them different based on their skin color; and the different genders too.


People are people. We learn through auditory, visual, kinesthetic learning and by practically applying the skillset until it becomes engrained in us. 

At we train LEADERS how to accomplish any mission. We do so through online learning resulting in a certified practitioner of 5P. It only takes one day to learn and begin practically applying. 

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The diversity delusion is tearing away at the fabricate of our organizations. We need a simple method for maintaining accountability in the ranks while carrying out the mission which results in a win for everyone, skin color aside.




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