Hyper Inflation

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We are currently experiencing hyper inflation through federal reserve control and strategy.

In this episode of the PENNEY Podcast, I lay out how we got into this mess through the act of 1871.

I walk through how to calculate the hyper inflation index over time.

I talk through other historical examples of hyper inflation and discuss what we can do to end it, using the 2 distinct methods. 

2 methods for stopping hyper inflation, the "gradual" and the "cold turkey".

We are effectively feeling both and will hopefully experience a currency exchange to a precious resource backed currency; most commonly gold backed.

(Figure 15.5; Sonali "2 Methods For Ending Hyper Inflation) penney podcast

(Figure 15.5; Sonali "2 Methods For Ending Hyper Inflation)

cold turkey hyper inflation penney podcast

(Figure 15.6; Sonali "2 Methods For Ending Hyper Inflation)


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hyper inflation penney podcast


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