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Rule Of 20 - S&P Price To Earnings Ratio Indicates HYPERINFLATION

On this very brief episode of the PENNEY PODCAST, I share the simple method for judging whether or not we are enduring HYPERINFLATION; per the "Rule Of 20" made famous by Peter Lynch.

He averaged over 29% above market for 13 consecutive years. The guy knows what he is talking about. Which is why I echo his frustration with the current market.

Additionally, to quote Michael Burry, who was made famous in the movie "The Big Short", has said the economy is "dancing on a knife's edge."    🐇 

So what do you do?  Make an adjustment to your plan. It always starts with your plan. You NEVER walk into a situation without first analyzing it. Many will tell you to jump right in. That is a great way of getting crushed miserably. Make a calculated decision based on facts. This is how we do it in the military. This is how it must be done in business. Have a plan before making a move.  Otherwise, you will be in the fray of things without any structure. Making moves until you see what works is foolish.

Do the wise thing. Make a plan. It starts at 5Paragraph.com

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