I Stand With PARLER

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I Stand With PARLER as they are going through this rebuild and pray for their strength and cunning in doing so.

We have seen PARLER get censored entirely off the web.

A whole website established for FREE SPEECH has been censored.

Do you see what the enemy has been doing to us for years?

American media has censored American LEADERS in order to prevent their downfall.

They underestimated us.

When PARLER came on the scene, it was a breath of fresh air for freedom loving patriots who wish to get away from misinformation pushing shills on 'social media'. Social media is group think mind control for the masses. PARLER is an outlet for free speech. It's a public forum.

Censorship is rampant!

This is only the beginning. We have only scratched the surface of the tip of the iceberg.

My role is to entertain, educate, and empower LEADERS. If you feel I have done so, I wish you would consider subscribing.

Thank you for sharing my work. I will continue to work diligently to add VALUE to your life and the world as a whole.


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