Impeachment Trial - Foreshadow to March

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How ya doin folks? Enjoying the show, I hope!

I know everything seems a bit dark these days.

Please allow me this opportunity to walk through a couple of the finer details so we all have a better understanding of what is currently transpiring within the halls of American power.

1) Trump's NOT Concession Speech

2) Smooth Transition Of Power

3) Parade Of Idiots

3) 12th Amendment

Please bear in mind that I ask for you do conduct your own research along side me. 

We are LEADERS. Our people must be informed of the situation at hand in order to make the best decision possible in the moment while performing the task most necessary. We work to inform our people while holding each other accountable.

It is important to be involved. I welcome your thoughts in the comment section below.


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Impeachment Trial - Foreshadow to March penney podcast


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