Let The Virus Run It's Course

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Let the virus run it's course.

How does one treat a virus? 

We treat the symptoms and, as the host, let our body do the work to expel the virus.  America is in the feverish stages of kicking this sweaty virus but we have to let it run it's course. 

In the meantime, I have been treating the symptoms; working with clients to get a jump on the competition at 5Paragraph.com   

LEADERS at every level are working diligently to get through this onslaught of wokeness that has spilled over the campus limits and out onto the streets.  People that were "on the fence" before are now seeing the reality of keeping quiet for the sake of status quo and jumping ship. What happens when there are lots of jobs out there and people pushing a BS narrative called diversity?  Employees put in there notices and leave.

There are so many employment opportunities out there, it's crazy!   Business leaders don't need to deal with the wokeness. They just leave and start their own thing. This is the case for a lot of the people I work with at 5Paragraph.com; LEADERS who are sick of the trivial nonsense of diversity are leaving organizations to create their own. 

If you haven't already realized it yet, hiring people based on their looks and skin tone is an extremely bad idea, which seems absurdly obvious. Someone who has seen this play out is Heather MacDonald, author of "DIVERSITY DELUSION". She describes, in her book, the lunacy that has been occurring on campuses around the globe and how it directly curtails progress. Yes, the irony is "DIVERSITY" had taken us a giant leap backward.  As this virus runs it's course. As the diversity delusion is noticed, people are waking up.



The virus is mental...  climate change, diversity, gender stereotypes... the mental virus has been taking it's toll on young people especially, but it is nearly done. The reality is: we the people, the host of the virus, wish to expel it out.

YOU are witnessing the GREAT AWAKENING. YOU are watching people waking up to what is actually happening.

Election fraud and a criminal in the oval office.  Those who voted for him, and have integrity, are analyzing the situation saying, " we wanted to win but not through stealing an election." Those who voted for him and were naïve enough to think he wouldn't pack the supreme court and raise the social security age and increase taxes.... those people are even waking up - screaming at their TVs.

It's the agitated state that every host goes through while writhing and heaving until the virus is expelled. In this case, the virus is mental.  Those of us who are awake have already set our plans in motion at 5Paragraph.com

This is how I know WE are winning the war. Because we are engaged and talking about the truth. Because we are hitting the enemy where it hurts the most... in the wallet. Get ahead of the power curve and stay out front with 5Paragraph.com.

What do you think about the current happenings?

Tell me in the comments below.



More and more leaders are waking up to what has been happening.

Keep shining a light into the darkness. Keep sharing!


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