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PARLER is back and we are thrilled about it!

After a long wait Parler has returned. Parler is a free speech oriented social media platform that boasts "The World's Town Square".

It appears as though all of our followers and anyone that we were following are still up and intact. However, our comments and any votes that we've made have been reset, and I believe that the feed has been reset.

If any of you are having a similar or different experience please tell me in the comment section below.

Parler is a great platform for us who wish to have free speech without the interference a big Tech.

I'm interested in learning more about the interim CEO Mark Meckler just to see what his involvement has been with Parler. I'm also interested in seeing what the operating issues are and how I might be able to help the folks at Parler using 5 Paragraph [].

If you would like to get the word out about 5P and how we can help these other big Free Speech companies please get in touch with me.

Please continue to share on Parler. Getting together as a community includes getting everyone on the same page. When something like this, like what happened to Parler, happens to your organization - know that you have a friend in me by organization at

I am so grateful for the men and women who are on the Parler team working very hard to execute the plan necessary in order to provide a free speech technical platform for FREEDOM LOVING Patriots.

Thank God parlor is back!

I welcome your thoughts in the comment section below.


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