Soebarkah Subud aka Barack Hussein Obama

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Barack Hussein Obama - real name - Soebarkah Subud.

His father was Subud cult leader, Muhammad Subud. His mother, a subud cult slave. Ann Dunham was in Indonesia working at the subud headquarters. She brought Soebarkah through Hawaii on the 13th of August 1968 form Djakarta Indonesia. She annotated his name on his passport application as Barack Hussein Obama (Soebarkah). Barack has established roots in Honolulu and Chicago, two headquarter locations for the Subud cult.

It is believed that Stanley Ann Dunham is also Loretta Fuddy, the woman who supplied Barack Hussein Obama’s forged birth certificate when pressed by the public to present it. The certificate was clearly forged because it shared the same signature as the passport application and even had the scrawled through words “Barack Hussein Obama (Soebarkah)”.


Loretta Fuddy supposedly died in a plane crash on the 11th of December, 2013. Numerous videos were shot by fellow passengers. In these videos you can clearly see divers wearing black gear appear out of the waves and take Loretta Fuddy underwater. Her body was never recovered.


The woman who could link Obama directly to the Subud cult has died, or so they say.

Soebarkah Subud - Barack Hussein Obama – is of foreign birth. Everything he has ever done has been a fabricated lie.

He isn’t a traitor because he has never been one of us, an AMERICAN.

His presidency was a hoax. He is a puppet.  

Where is he now…. He and his husband Mike?



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