Trump Acquitted Impeachment For Past Office Holders

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President Trump was impeached by the House Of Representatives having not committed a crime. He was acquitted by the Senate. However, this sets a new precedent for past office holders to be impeached; even without having been formally charged with or convicted of a crime. This opens a giant Pandora's box

What does this mean for past office holders?

Click here to read - Past office holders who have been impeached.

Who is impeachable?

Do they need to be charged with a crime or even convicted in order to be impeached?

When impeached, what happens to the work they did in government, is it undone?

In past episodes, below, I walk through the impeachment proceedings and why they are needed to make this next move possible. 

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The next move being to impeach past office holders.

We all have watched our past corrupted leaders walk out and congratulate each other on a job well done screwing over generations of Americans.

Now it's time for them to pay. 

Trump Acquitted Impeachment For Past Office Holders PENNEY PODCAST

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