We Are Saving Israel For Last

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This is a fight of good vs. evil -- we are winning this war. It has been known for a long time that we, the people, have fallen subject to financial dominance by wicked forces in the form of a central bank and credit passed onto the citizens.

Over the course of the Trump administration, the central banking system in various countries has crumbled; thanks in much part to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. The entire Trump team has worked tirelessly to make the moves behind the scenes so we the people may enjoy the fruit of reward.

They have been crippling central banks in order to restore the world to gold backed currency in a global re valuation of currency...and we have been saving Israel for last. 

Now, as the momentous events of recent times are showing us, future proves past. Walk with me through the Q drops that have mentioned Israel to see how we have gotten to this point.

You are in power. You have the control.

I have faith in you as a LEADER.

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  • ‘we have been saving Israel for last’…after 22 mins. I still do not know what we are saving Israel for? Your line of thought goes all over the place and is confusing to me. Just come straight out and say what you think. Then you can go back and substantiate what you’ve said. But begin with the main deal that you want us to understand. Frankly you are a lot like what’s his name: Juan O. Savin. Just stream of consciousness without any cohesion and conclusion.

    Breck on

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