You Can Sue BIG TECH

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Finally those crooked bastards are going to get what they deserve, to be sued to death! Good news for Florida residents as Governor Ron DeSantis signs into the law a bill that allows individuals who have ran for public office and been censored to now sue the BIG TECH giants who were culpable for aiding in the catastrophe of an election we all witnessed. 

That's right, you can sue big tech for deplatforming you and censoring your communications. It is the first step in the right direction toward suing big tech out of existence. 

If you'd like to start on a plan to make it happen, come over to and download a free template. We can help you square away your battle plan. 

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  • Those Techtyrants better shape up now!!!

    Lisa Wright on
  • I wish us everday Americans could sue big tech for constantly being banned for 30 days. I hate Facistbook.

    Colleen Shelnutt on

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