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 PENNEY BLOG Accountability Matters

Former leaders made terrible deals in an effort to create a global government and force America to conform to it. Now, they are being held accountable.

It is important to understand that [THEY] never thought they would lose control of power. The American people made a decision to hold those terrible faux leaders accountable. We chose Donald J. Trump as our President in order to crush the deepstate and drain the swamp.

Promises made, promises kept.

We have the greatest economy on the planet and it is only getting stronger through small business growth. We will come out of this much stronger for having been shown the evil nature of the corrupted that dwell all around us. Big business, big tech, it’s dying.

Technology monopolies are crumbling.

See here where I tell you how to find the BLEED OUT of big tech and how to monitor the carnage.

Now, we are moving into the next phase of accountability, where the people must see their former faux leaders paying the price for selling out America.

Some have argued that it will never happen. They say we are lost, all is lost, there is no hope for change. I strongly disagree because I do not believe mainstream media propaganda. I look around corners where others dare not tread. For, “in the filth it shall be found.”  I’m a Marine, I go where other people dare not tread to bully bullies on their home turf. It’s fun.

I swore an oath to defend our homeland against all enemies, foreign and domestic. The enemy is domestic, it occupied our halls of government for far too long. Now it requires a thorough cleansing.

See here where I lay out “Martial Law & Military Tribunals” and what you need to know.

We are holding traitors accountable. That is why America’s national capital and many state capitals are on lockdown with troops present.

I am going to do something which I normally refrain from; speculate. Based on the troop movement, the security counter measures and, the behavior of the enemy in our own government, I believe that we are going to see the traitors marched out in front of God and everyone.

It may even happen at the inauguration.

WHY?  Because it is the biggest public event that will be occurring and the whole world is watching. It’s pretty hard to look away from that kind of action. It’s even harder to go out on mainstream media claiming that what you saw wasn’t real.

Big tech, Big media, Big energy… BIG anything is a monopoly. It’s the oldest lie in business. Small businesses try to look and act bigger in order to gain market share. Large businesses try to look and act smaller than they are in order to monopolize market share.

This is the GREAT AWAKENING, when people from around the globe look on in astonishment as the wicked evil doers are held accountable.

No one is above the law. Accountability matters. We must show the people that even the so-called-leader can and will be punished.


Do you believe we are in the GREAT AWAKENING? 

Do you believe we will see wickedness held accountable?

I welcome your comments below.

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  • 100 % you dont reverse something This filthy in a a few Months and you need to believe in the driver behind it all Not the yelling and screaming of people getting Impatient , for anyone doubting Doubt this ? your own ability to see truth and your ability to withstand the filth when men working hard decide it is time . God speed me !

    Gerald Asbroek on
  • American people have to start researching the people they are putting into office and find a way to see what they are doing without MSM. Yes it takes more effort and work, but our freedom is worth it.

    Debbie on
  • This is precisely what millions are praying for. All we ask is fair, honest, decent representation and minimal intrusion into our lives. Things our Constitution provides for. They swear an oath to uphold the Constitution, and they need to start fulfilling that oath instead of padding their bank accounts at any and all cost.

    Brad on

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