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You are LEADERS worthy of following. I know this because you and I are friends.

We share core values. We put our people first. That is why I must ask your forgiveness in my lacking operational tempo. I have been moving. I try to explain in the piece, “I AM ALIVE”.  I promise to keep up the pace, bringing you wonderful content.

This past April we have been watching the corruption on Pennsylvania Ave reach it’s full froth. If you would have asked me prior to the election, I would have told you there would be some eleventh hour drama which would result in President Trump staying in office. Instead, we saw a “Smooth Transition of Power” where President Trump did the honorable thing… but he did so without conceding the election.

President Trump has still NEVER conceded the election. He has continued to contend the election, stating the facts. Election fraud took place. More ballots were received accepted and counted than were mailed out to citizens. In Pennsylvania, for instance, more votes were counted than there are people in whole counties. Everyone, even the children under the voting age. Addresses were shared on multiple ballots. Addresses that do not physically exist. These things take time to confirm and adjudicate. Which Lin Wood and Sydney Powell’s team members have been doing.

Meanwhile, Beijing Biden continues to stumble his way through existence and bumble his way through speeches. Are we all enjoying the show?

I know I am!!!

Crazy as it may sound, I enjoy watching the people, who voted for the buffoon, eat crow as he enacts every stupid policy we said he would. It’s kabuki theater. A show intended to disrupt and anger the public. But why deliberately ruin the American government in front of everyone?  To show the whole world just how corrupt it has become. In my piece “It Had To Be This Way”I did a Q walk through talking about the origins of Q; the work anons have been doing; and how we have been working together to shine a light into the darkness for fellow patriots to learn the truth.

We are the frogs jumping all over the place. The frogs that refuse to get slowly boiled. In this piece, I explained the analogy of boiling frogs and what we are doing to get everyone involved.

People are waking up to the craziness. I hear the frustration patriots are feeling from all this rampant wokeness. As I have explained, like a virus we have to let wokeness run it’s course. Allow me to confirm that you are not crazy. Diversity is a delusion. We are witnessing “The Vision Of The Anointed” as described by Thomas Sowell. Bad actors have put fake problems in place for us to stumble over. Only the answer is extremely obvious, these policies are stupid – which is what I aimed to highlight in my piece, “How To Teach People Of Color”.

It is refreshing to know that you are not alone. Well, you are certainly not alone. You are actually in the great majority who has witnessed wrongdoing and wishes for swift action to recorrect the problems which continue to plague our country.

This is the Great Awakening – for many it is the rude awakening.

You are the LEADERS who shine a light into the darkness. You are brave. You are strong. You are dauntless. Remember fellow patriots, fellow LEADERS - “the best is yet to come.”

God bless you. God bless your family. Keep up the fight - I am with you, always.


Michael J. Penney


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