Building Fellowship Through Planning

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When we all use the same template and tools, we each have the same opportunity to create anything while offering the potential to interlock our projects into a cohesive unit.

How does the Marine Corps, Army, Navy, Coast Guard, Air Force, and Star Force all work together cohesively? How come members of the various branches have rivalries and yet share a common bond? How come the military is willing to work so hard for, what appears to be, so little? - Fellowship

Fellowship defined: The companionship of individuals in a congenial atmosphere and on equal terms; community of interest, activity, feeling, or experience; the state of being a fellow or associate; a company of equals or friends.

A company of equals & friends ---

who would dream of such a thing?!?!

Is everyone in the military equal? One would not be wrong in thinking NO - as each rank has separate responsibilities and pay. However, in fact each member of the military is equal. They all start in equal footing when entering basic training. Whether officer or enlisted, each member has the equal opportunity to start out and build their own careers. Those whom view themselves as "legacies" may find it hard to get out of the equal suffrage that is drill, fire-watch, standing post, or the myriad other duties that one is required to learn in military service.

Military specialties are broken down categorically into jobs. Individuals learn a military occupational specialty (MOS) and are assigned to a unit upon certification in the given skill set. There are two distinct tracks for service members to travel down, that of the technical specialist, or expert in their fields, and the management track which involves maintaining accountability of personnel, materials, equipment, and weapons etc.. Both tracks require individuals to learn leadership skills and to provide knowledgeable insights to the planners.

As military service members are promoted through leadership positions, they are taught to use the same planning template from the bottom up, the 5 Paragraph operations order process keeps the whole organization on the same page. The 5P template is used from the non-commissioned officers in the field to the Flag officer level.

Flag officers are Generals, Admirals and above. They work with their teams and inter-agency teams across the military and Department of Defense to devise large operational plans. These plans have less detail than the lower ranks. It is imperative that these plans share the "Commander's Intent" and "Desired End State" to ensure each element under their charge knows what the real goal is. This empowers leaders to take action where they see a need and are not worried to take initiative which they know will result in the desired end state.

In the clip below Major General Craig Whelden ( explains "5 Paragraph" - Be sure to get his book "Leadership The Art of Inspiring People to Be Their Best" CLICK HERE TO SEE WHAT HE'S TALKING ABOUT

This same management method has now been brought to business. Leaders have the ability to write plans using the same 5 Paragraph template and learn how to brief, debrief, and conduct after action reviews, the same way the military does it.

Small unit leaders are responsible for carrying out daily missions with precision and care, and to observe what is occurring in their area of operation and report the goings on to their higher element in charge. THAT'S IN A WAR ZONE - We have enough faith in our young leaders in the military [20-30 year olds] to plan, coordinate, rehearse, conduct, debrief, and record the doings for lessons learned.

Don't coddle your talent. Don't patronize your mavericks. EMPOWER YOUR TEAM

How do you build fellowship through business planning? Everyone learns the same template and method for managing. Yes there is a chain of command, and ranks, and everyone can't be the General - but when you empower every member of your team with the same template and method for achieving success, at least they know what to expect.

You are the visionary 5P is the integrator - whether you are the founder of the business or a team leader in the field, is right for you. Learn this invaluable skill set.

Not everyone has the opportunity to join the military and learn this method - the opportunity is available now.

Build fellowship in your organization by empowering your leaders with a simple method for tackling any mission.


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