CHAOS In The Captiol

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We are supposed to believe (based on this tweet and perceived evidence) that Pelosi's office was vandalized and this folder was left....

Well, I have thorough understanding of tactical site exploitation so let's break this "crime scene" photo down really quick...

The room is not ransacked. All of the furniture is in place and the room is tidy. The flowers in front of the fireplace are undisturbed.

Her notes are undisturbed. 

Her cellphone and, what appears to be her tablet, were left on her desk at the scene. But the supposed vandals left that folder with a note on it?


I WATCHED LIVE  as the capitol disorder started to unfold. Dem. lawmakers were shouting down AZ Rep. Paul Gosar, who called for order numerous times. Meanwhile Speaker Pelosi had darted out of the chamber. 

Under the leadership of another Rep. the house went into recess due to commotion. They readjourned, Rep. Gosar finished. Recess was called.

Within a minute the media had Rep. in front of cameras saying it was Trump supporters.

This all looks way too coordinated. Which is why I am glad it's playing out for all to see. The American people needed to be awakened and we are. 

Don't fall for more hoaxes.

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God bless you fellow patriots!

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  • Evil is what the dem.‘a represent… this had nothing of Republican’s fingerprints on it…

    Wanda on

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