Did Italy Help Steal The American Election

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Censorship Is NEVER Ok 

Great Leaders Share Information

General Michael Flynn is an ardent patriot who works tirelessly to ensure the American people have a homeland for the next millennia and beyond. He pushes material out to the masses with an effort to expose the dark plots working to maintain control. They have been in power for far too long.

Need a simple example?  Here's is a textbook case of censorship.

Big tech doesn’t want you to know that the conspiracy to rig the U.S. election was potentially ran by Italian information technology leader, Arturo D'Elia.

He has supposedly signed the below affidavit, which I ask you to read “with a grain of salt”. Yes, there is outrage to be had. However, as I’ve said before in echoing Q’s words, “you are watching a movie; patriots are in control.”

That doesn’t mean there will not be casualties in this fight. The goal is to mitigate risk to the American people while preventing infighting.

Last I checked, the majority of Americans are united behind the fact that the election was a fraud. It was rigged, stolen, people cheated. They ballot stuffed while shredding the real ones. They were caught in the act over and over again. They were caught on video; we all watched it.

To deny the evidence is delusional. To certify the results is criminal.

We are a nation of law, not men. We abide by a binding legal document, the constitution.

To step outside of that framework is to break the law.

It has made many of us delirious to watch our so called leaders wipe there ass with the constitution for years. They could careless about the founding of our country. They are committed to it’s demise.

I share General Flynn’s message because censorship in any capacity is unacceptable but to censor a LEADER who shared a video claiming election fraud and rigging is a downright despicable act.

Keep up the fight patriots – we will win this war

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 (Here is the full affidavit screenshot - below are the two halves zoomed in for easier reading)

italian affidavit


italian affidavit
 italian affidavit

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