Everyone Gets Searched

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The ol' saying "Trust But Verify" comes to mind when you are dealing with a large gathering of Mujahedeen. Each man swears he doesn't have a weapon but it's always safe to give a little pat down before moving into the summit.

This environment is where I learned how to be an advisor.

I was a member of the Police Advisor Team with 1st Battalion 5th Marines in Kajaki, Afghanistan 2011. Our mission was to assess, train, advise, and assist local national forces to complete a plan for taking action and help them carry out their plan with limited resources and backing.

They needed training to professionalize their police force in order to ensure stability in the region. Each day was a test of discipline and a learning experience.

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Afghanistan has an 80% illiteracy rate. Many police officers are from poor rural areas.

They only understand the hand and arm signals that are common gestures among cultures.

Other than that, every class instruction is ran through an interpreter. The confusion can be frustrating.

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It took a great deal of time and effort, but it paid off in the long run. The Afghans went through weapons handling and professional instruction to ensure they had the skills knowledge and attitudes necessary to carry out the mission. This is an area of the world that has been under suppression for decades. A stable police force means a stable environment for families to grow in safety.

The fundamentals we used when working as advisors downrange have been brought into business. The same simple planning and management method we used is available to you, the business leaders.

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