Gen. Flynn Offers Advice For The GREAT AWAKENING

Posted by Michael J. PENNEY on


GEN FLYNN is providing advice for the awakening, not conceding. This will be difficult for everyone.

Please act responsibly.

Keep shining a light into the darkness. Many of us who have an understanding of what is happening will be called upon by our loved ones to help explain.

Many of us, myself included, went through a grieving process upon learning the truth. We need to lock arms against evil. 

I pray for God to give you strength.


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  • Thank you for being one of the braves men in American history. The American people are tough. We will fight along side you Sidney president Trump amd the rest of the loyal Trump people. I’ve never in my 35 years witnessed so much yellow bellied Traitors. Those senator rods Trumps coattail. He campaigned for them at his rallies .knowing how much people live him .and love his rallies
    I have faith
    And I’m lifting uo my brother and sister digital soldiers. Y’all knew it would come to this
    U can’t imagine what yall know .. must be BIBLICAL. . If every corporation, msm. Hollywood; Washington?, music industry want to shut him up . We live you ❤. If u sew our president tell him . His people are waiting on his word

    Brandy Stephens on

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