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So far the House Impeachment Managers argument for impeachment has consisted of accusing President Trump of inciting a riot and insurrection resulting in the ransacking of the Capitol. They argue that President Trump may be impeached even though he has left office. They are also arguing that because he has left office, and is no longer the President, that the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court need not preside over the Senate.

House impeachment managers argue that President Trump was President at the moment of a “crime” being committed and during the impeachment preceding, that was ram shod through. However, he is not the sitting president so the chief justice will not preside.

They are saying President Trump is not the President. However he is impeachable as President. But because he’s not the President, the chief justice is not presiding.

President Trump’s attorneys have argued that because he is no longer President he should not be impeached.

Having fun yet?

The Senate voted to moved forward and try the impeachment with a roll call of 56 yes 44 no… that’s not the 67 yes votes they need to impeach President Trump.

To impeach President Trump they would need 67 votes in favor of impeachment; “2/3rds majority”

This forecasts the impeachment to go in President Trump’s favor.

Every argument made for impeachment will come back to bite those who argued for it.

More impeachments are en route; Biden and cabinet. OBAMAGATE

The arguers for impeachment are synching the noose for past office holders to be impeached for past crimes that they are now being convicted for. Hence, they must be impeached as past office holders for committing crimes while in office.

Criminals found guilty of high crimes and missed demeanors of the past may be impeached.  

What does that mean for the decisions they made while in office?

What about the legislation they signed into law?

What if the leaders of our past are found guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors – are they impeachable? Is the work they did in office null and void?

Obama, Clinton, Bush, Carter, Holder, Rice, Kerry, Lynch, Ryan, Boehner, Brown, Kennedy, McCain…

Next they are going to want to impeach dead people.


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