How Does General Michael Flynn Exemplify Military Leadership?

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Originally written May 1, 2020 -- how has this held up over the course of this past year's events?

General Michael Flynn is an outright Patriot. He has served our nation for over 3 decades. His devotion to duty and the greater cause, that is America, has no limits. General Flynn is a cunning warrior, spending time studying great minds, talents, and leaders of yesteryear in an effort to persevere in the face of the next challenge. As General Flynn pushes through this next fight, I find it important to highlight General Flynn's declaration; United States District Court, District of Columbia, Criminal Action Number 17-232-EGS; and the situation he faces in the courts as an example of military leadership at it's finest.

What does it mean to the troops when a leader is facing serious legal adversity?

I've spent two years of my life in a combat zone chasing down insurgents and Taliban with Marines and Sailors. I've seen what can happen to the morale of the fighting few when a leader is removed under controversy. Legal action carries a stigma. "One bad day" can ruin a career. When it involves your commander it degrades morale by showing the unit that the boss can do bad things too. Yes but they get caught and punished accordingly. Accountability goes both ways. It gets really bad for the unit overall when your leader does something which makes headlines. It's like giving a black-eye to the entire team.

When a highly esteemed leader makes a public admission of guilt it looks bad on everyone.

Like many of you, I was amazed when General Flynn pled guilty. And, like many of you, I am hopeful the good General is exonerated. However there is something larger at stake - the morale of those who remain steadfast in the defense of our nation. The military members fighting on the front lines have done an amazing job adhering to the greater cause and staying focused on their mission. Military service members stay strong even when things look really bad.

Take your lumps if necessary - Fight like hell if unjustified

There comes a time in everyone's life when actions and consequences bear punishment. Great leaders have shown throughout the ages that, when necessary, a person must receive their lumps and take their punishment. General Lee understood this. For his involvement in the war between the states, his family lands were forfeited and turned into Arlington National Cemetery. However, when an action is egregious, a leader must show fight. In 1933 General Smedley Butler thwarted a coup det'at called the "Business Plot". General Butler was offered the dictatorship of America. He refused and went on to publish "War Is A Racket" in 1935, where he described being "hired muscle for crooked businessmen and bankers".

What has General Flynn demonstrated? Is he taking his lumps or fighting against the unjust?

Yes, time will tell. All of us will learn more everyday with an avalanche of information still coming down. Most recently General Flynn made a declaration to the court and withdrew his guilty plea. What this means for the case ahead is uncertain, but I do know the General still has a lot of fight left in him. He certainly upholds the example of a patriot, one I am happy to claim as my brother in arms.

Read General Flynn's full declaration here and comment with your thoughts on General Michael Flynn and his example of leadership.



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