How To Verify We Are Winning The War

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big tech is dying


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How do you validate that big tech is getting trounced by the American people?

Companies are dying but I cannot physically see the blood loss.

Where can I go to verify that we the people are actually winning the war? is a great resource.

Prepare for the carnage patriots. It's time to see the gory results of all your hard fighting. Together we are winning this war... Here is how to verify.


“Insider Trading” is actually a good thing, the vast majority of the time. It is one of the largest factors for confidence in investors. Insider trading indicates leadership believes their organization will make money in the long run. When this happens, they reinvest their earnings and stock options; insider trading.

Want to learn more about “insider trading”? Click here…  Below are the verbatim definitions from the website.

“    It is perfectly legal for insiders to buy and sell stock in their company. In fact, there are thousands of insider trading reports everyday. As long as the insider is trading on information that is generally available to the public no laws are broken.

    Illegal insider trading is trading based on nonpublic information and may include "tipping" such information. For example, if the CEO knows the company is not going to get a big contract and sells before telling the world, that's illegal. Yet illegal insider trading is very difficult to prove. “

What does this mean for us as LEADERS? We need to keep track of the performance of large companies as a measuring stick for our economy. Many large tech organization are assumed to be holding the economy together. That is NOT TRUE and is totally absurd. SMALL BUSINESS is, was, and forever will be the backbone of the American economy.

2020 was devastating to small business while fleecing the pockets of big tech executives who censored the people and stole an election. Now they are DYING.

Are you a real LEADER?  Then do your own digging. I welcome your comments below.


This is only the beginning. We have only scratched the surface of the tip of the iceberg.

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