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I have a simple question for the DEEPSTATE

Cuz, it seems like it really bothers the DEEPSTATE that I am happy healthy joyous and free, almost like they don't want me to enjoy life. 

Ya ever feel that way?

Every once in a while I need to grab my ol' campaign cover out of the block, press the brim and admire the view of God's glorious bounty. Breathing in that FREE air. MHMHMHMHMMMMMM.....



Hell yea, that 'Smokey Bear' still snaps and pops!

Fun fact: The campaign cover is a marksmanship hat. It's intended use is for tilting the brim toward the sun to relieve shine off the rear sight aperture.

Drill instructors started wearing the fierce looking campaign cover whenever they went to the range with their recruits in order to distinguish them among the sea of fatigues that spread across the firing line. Eventually drill instructors were issued the cover for general purpose field use.

Still. though.... that doesn't mean they can shoot for shit!

I am a proud Marine Corps Marksmanship Instructor Trainer 0933/0931 Formal School Instructor and Curriculum Developer; Master Instructor. I've trained over 50,000 personnel in weapons handling, manipulation and, engagement. Which is why I rate my campaign cover and wear it whenever I damn well please.

What's the matter - IS MY FREEDOM BOTHERING YOU?


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