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Allow me to explain…

This is an amazing time in our nation’s history and the world as a whole. Now is a time for true leaders to stand up and do what is right. Call out the evil and correct it.

I highlight leaders in an entertaining, educational, and empowering way, offering you an easily digestible, thought provoking piece of material you can enjoy and glean ideas, hope, and wisdom from.

So why all of this talk about a “great awakening”?

Because we are seeing the extreme examples of foul leadership in our congress, judiciary and cabinet while seeing an extreme degree of fine leadership in the actions of President Trump, Sec. State Mike Pompeo and others operating on the ground.

I am a leader. I understand what it’s like taking the shots for the team while they’re busy preparing for the next mission. When you are in the mid level authorities it’s easy to get disillusioned by the big picture. We have a saying in the Corps, “you can lead for the leaders above you or your team below you but you can’t do both at the same time.” I would like to point out that you will be held accountable by both at the same time.

Leaders at the top. The ones in charge. We understand that we are the front person for our organization. The buck stops here. Alternatively, if you think for a second that you are f—king with my team you are dead damn wrong. Get it.

You have a problem, talk to me. True leaders take responsibility for the team whether it’s good or bad. That’s why PENNEY is in big bold letters; also so you spell it right, story of my life.


So why the “great awakening”?  Without getting into the gory details (because I don’t have ALL of them), the great awakening is when the greater population learns what all of our so-called leaders have been up to. Corruption and so much worse involving human trafficking and child abuse, which is putting it mildly.

Many of us have known for a while that something was “off”, it just didn’t feel right.

Some books that helped me put this into perspective are.

“The Vision Of The Anointed”  and “The Madness Of Crowds”.

They both offer an understanding of human psychology, how negative forces have depleted humanity. The 'vision' is typically used to manipulate and madness is the 'result'.  Which is what we are dealing with as a whole society. Those of us who are leaders have a monumental task ahead.

To better understand what our leaders of yesteryear went through during huge moments of crisis in our nation’s history, I look to one of the greatest writers turned President, John F. Kennedy. He wrote “Profiles In Courage” as a Senator. He shares tales of great bravery and horrible cowardice displayed on the capitol floor. A sight I am afraid we are all too familiar with as of late.

I enjoy reading these books in order. Ending with President Kennedy because he spent his time in office working to thwart the deepstate. The evil we are in the midst of defeating now. I spoke of the connection from JFK to JFK Jr. to Donald Trump in another piece, here. Through quotes and recordings, we have all the proof we need as to why JFK was killed; martyred actually.  

JFK was a great leader long before he ever entered the white house. He was an officer in the Navy aboard a patrol boat, PT109. After having been sunk by an enemy ship, the small boat crew was marooned on an island. Kennedy swam miles through open ocean at night to find American help. He successfully hailed a ship and saved his crew. That is some real leadership and serious guts.

He past those traits on to his son who took them into entrepreneurship and writing. He founded “GEORGE” magazine, playing on two famous names to establish market dominance. His dear friend Donald Trump would eventually become President, as was his wish.

Now we find ourselves in this moment, the great awakening. TRUTH, or so we hope.

Great leaders do not hide the truth. We share it with our team in an effort to make things better. Sharing the truth is not always easy nor is it always comfortable. However, it is necessary.

Honesty, integrity, good judgement, perseverance make up a few of the great leadership traits. We are seeing them on display.

Meanwhile all the deepstate actors have tipped their hands. They cannot even walk down the street without a mob of people haranguing them with insults and cursing their mortal souls.

I hope this has brought some understanding to you as to why I would share such things as the great awakening. We are travelling through it together.

This is only the beginning. We have only scratched the surface of the tip of the iceberg.

My role is to entertain, educate, and empower LEADERS. If you feel I have done so, I wish you would consider subscribing.

Thank you for sharing my work. I will continue to work diligently to add VALUE to your life and the world as a whole.


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