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You impress me every day. You are a steadfast, devoted LEADER, who knows that wars are not won in an instant but fought even beyond treaties. This past month, of March 2021, more people had their eyes open to the ongoing war.

“Are You Seeing The War Yet?”

In my recent piece “Are You Seeing The War Yet?” I discuss how the mainstream media is now forced to slowly watch as their plans come to a gruesome fruition. They cannot help it. They cannot look away. They are forced to cover the ever-dwindling Biden administration. And I do mean the entire administration is dwindling. The VP, the cabinet. They are all puppets on strings meandered out on stage only to look ever more foolish.


We are winning this war. We are winning against a vast evil empire that has been gripping the world for millennia. It’s been a long-fought endeavor. The enemy has been keen to keep we the people asleep to the idea of thought control and manipulation. We are seeing the enemy on full display in their full foolish glory. It’s straight out of Thomas Sowell’s “Vision Of The Anointed”. It’s the “Madness of Crowds” Douglas Murray spoke of while the “Diversity Delusion” Heather MacDonald describes plays out in the classroom. More and more people are waking up to the reality of things all around us. We are winning this war. How do I know? Because, we are talking about it. We are talking about the enemy. We are talking about the control [THEY] once had over us.

“Where are all of the bad guys?”

Where is John Brennan, James Clapper, Eric Holder, Jim Comey, Andrew McAbe, where are the Obamas the Clintons, where is the Pope?  Why no victory lap? Why no mainstream hooray from the whole lot of them?  The Pope disappeared out of the Vatican only to reappear in Iraq. Then the woke mob attacked him. --- Are you seeing the war yet?

“NOW is the time to build fellowship.”

We build fellowship through planning. However, it is during the spaces and times in between putting things down on paper that we build trust as fellows. A team of individuals brought together with a shared guiding purpose in order to assemble a team and work toward a common desired end state of things. This melding of the spirits to create a harmonious community state is fellowship at it’s finest. Harness and build fellowship through planning.

You are the LEADERS who shine a light into the darkness. You are brave. You are strong. You are dauntless. Remember fellow patriots, fellow LEADERS - “the best is yet to come.”

God bless you. God bless your family. Keep up the fight - I am with you, always.


Michael J. Penney


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More and more leaders are waking up to what has been happening.

Keep shining a light into the darkness. Keep sharing!


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