Patriots Take The Stage With Project Veritas

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[Video: Project Veritas]

Patriots took the stage Friday night with Project Veritas. Brave, strong, heroes who have blown the whistle on big tech/media overlords.

Things got kicked off by Project Veritas founder and Chairman, James O’Keefe, boldly stating the intentions of the organization. They are currently embattled with CNN (communist news network) over misinformation and liable remarks on air. 


“We’re gunna go ahead and sue CNN for what they did here.”


“We’re gunna start going on offense! You want to lie about me? How about you lie to a federal judge. How about you lie under oath. How about you perjure yourself… We’re going to sit you down under oath and we are going to force you to do something you’ve never had to do and that’s tell the damn truth....

It’s about time we go on offense and sue the shit outta them.”

 “We are going to have a legion of whistleblowers.”

– James O’Keefe


Here are a few of the brave souls who have already stepped forward to do something about the festered corruption inside the evil giants.


Eric Cochran - “No matter what I lose it will mean something when I am gone.”

Zach - “Google, Facebook, and the big tech oligarchs represent the trojan horse of totalitarianism sacrificing American freedoms at the alter of their cancel gods and they would have gotten away with it if it weren’t for Project Veritas.”

Gary Porch – “I noticed that I was in a very unique position … to do something to protect the Republic. This right now is our new 1776.”

Ryan Hartwig – “We need more people to stand up to come forward to fight against big tech censorship.”

Zach Mcelroy – “Sometimes it can take a lot to speak truth to power. Find the confidence in you and do something great with it.”

Richard Hopkins – “I’d rather be out, back in Afghanistan, getting shot at by Afghans, honest to God, than having to be in this kind of position. I’m just an average guy… which is what allowed me to be where I was and see what I saw. Project Veritas enabled me to come forward… they’ve had my back this whole time.

Whether you believed me or not, I wanted you to know and now you know.”




We the people have lost our understanding of how to take charge. LEADERS, we must share the truth with our people.

We must empower leaders at every rank so they can make the right decisions in their area of responsibility.

We must grow and cultivate free thinking, critical thinking, problem solving doers who focus on making things better.


We will keep adding VALUE to the world through American ingenuity, as we've done for centuries. 



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More and more leaders are waking up to what has been happening.

Keep shining a light into the darkness. Keep sharing!


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