Perfecting Your Own Souls

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Leaders on campaign work toward conquering others and taking what they believe to be the riches of a land. Campaigns are connected series of military operations forming a distinct phase of war (Webster).
Cyrus of Persia went on campaign to align fellow kingdoms and preserve the lands of Persia. The end state being all of Persia' would unite in an effort to maintain the Persian realm. It was the longest recorded history of peace in the middle east and the most prosperous time ever recorded in human history. But as we know from recent history, all good things come to an end.
How did the great Persian empire start?

Lead with a purpose 

Cyrus set out to unite the Persian kingdoms. Other leaders, who would become subordinates, were fixated on the riches of other kings. They grew jealous of what others had, thinking that if their kingdom had as much gold and stocks as others they would be respected and thus followed by their people. Going on campaign to secure riches is not a noble endeavor, nor does it warrant people following you. Leaders - GREAT LEADERS - don't tell you to work so you can make more money. Great leaders inspire others to work with a purpose and thus they lead with a purpose.

Leaders are the rulers of what they delegate 

No one can track what is happening everywhere at once. This requires leaders to maintain accountability of their assigned sectors. Leaders are the rulers of the area which you delegate. When you come into another leader's area and start stomping around like you know everything, you're making assumptions. "To assume means to make an ass out of u and me." Leaders who have been assigned an area or function KNOW MORE THAN YOU DO. They were hired and assigned to that role due to their skills, knowledge, and expertise. Leaders must be leaned on to handle their areas of responsibility and given the people and resources they need to accomplish their mission. Leaders are the rulers of what you delegate.

Leaders inspire others to perfect themselves rather than to seek riches 

The king of Mede fled his lands, to his furthest fortress, when the Persian king arrived with his caravan of troops and lords loyal to Cyrus. He pled with Cyrus and presented him riches and arms and men, even his own daughter in marriage. However, Cyrus graciously bestowed these gifts to another. All he desired was for Gobryas to assemble with he and his lords to observe his leaders and rule under the same notion.
His observation was this....

“I begin to understand, Cyrus, how it is that while we have more goblets and more gold, more apparel and more wealth than you, yet we ourselves are not worth as much. We are always trying to increase what we possess, but you seem to set your hearts on perfecting your own souls.” - Gobryas King of Mede -to- Cyrus King of Persia;




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