Sen. Josh Hawley's Message To Big Tech Rings Clear

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[Video: OANN Right Side Broadcasting Network]

Sen. Josh Hawley is a LEADER.

He is a father working diligently to ensure our families have a future of liberty.

His speech resounded with talk of liberty for the individual, for families, for America as a whole and it starts with destroying the oligarchs who have worked to undermine and cripple our nation. 

Break up big tech! We need to break up big tech monopolies...

"I would start by breaking up the big tech corporations.... Break them up in the name of the rule of the people. For the good of the American people and our liberty, we need to break those corporations up.", says Sen. Hawley.

Amen to that! Big tech has been censoring voices of patriots for years. LEADERS at every level have experienced hardship fighting against big tech's rule. They push the liberal agenda with vigor and police the thoughts of dissidents. 

Sen. Hawley points out, "Ya know the Republican party, we were the party of trust busters... we invented that concept, basically. It's time to reclaim that legacy... For all of the huge multinational corporations that have sold us out to China. That have sold out our workers. That have sold out our jobs. They need to be broken up and we need to have free fare competition in this country again. That's what it means for the people to rule!" 

We the people have lost our understanding of how to take charge. LEADERS, we must share the truth with our people. We must empower leaders at every rank so they can make the right decisions in their area of responsibility. We must grow and cultivate free thinking, critical thinking, problem solving doers who focus on making things better.

We will keep adding VALUE to the world through American ingenuity, as we've done for centuries. 

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More and more leaders are waking up to what has been happening.

Keep shining a light into the darkness. Keep sharing!


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