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President Trump departed from the White House yesterday. He and Melania got in Marine one and flew, what appeared to be, a giant circle around D.C. and headed for Andrews Air Force Base. I have drawn out the overlay of the flight path from the White House around the nation’s capital and down toward Andrews Air Force Base. It makes a lovely shape.

flight path of Marine one

Here is where we see the President with his family; who are all smiling and happy. What? Why is Jared Kushner smirking?

Members of President Trump’s family wait for him to speak to a crowd of supporters before boarding Air Force One out of Joint Base Andrews in Maryland. NOTE the temperament of the family is the photo (The New York Times/Pete Marovich)

trump family smiling

Are we supposed to believe they did all of this work only to leave after a stolen election?


NO – We saw a smooth transition of power with not a shot fired and we will watch as the traitors come to justice.

Follow along in my series as I walk you through what we watched and why this plays directly into our patriotic hands.

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President Trump gave an address. He said, “this is a ‘goodbye’… you will see this family again.” All while holding his hands, palms out facing the camera, all ten digits outstretched.

trump vows to come back

Did you count the flags behind President Trump as he stood on the stage at Andrews AFB? 17

Why does he always get sports jerseys with 17 on them as well?

What is the 17th letter of the alphabet?

why trump 17

Upon completing his speech, President Trump stepped down from the stage to kiss his family and walk to Air Force One. Melania had on a large all black overcoat with brass buttons on it. When the plane touched down in Florida, the Trump’s descendant Air Force One’s staircase, Melania had donned a dress which faded from dark at the top to light at the bottom.

malania dress

Meanwhile, the capitol was emptied except for crucial personnel needed for security. Be sure to read my piece, “Parade Of Idiots” to get a full understanding. Basically, we saw what appeared to be former heads of state and congressional leaders assembled on the capitol steps to inaugurate the would be president. I say “appears to be” because everyone was wearing a mask. Remember that masks do not prevent corona, by the way. That’s like putting up a chain-link fence to stop mosquitoes.

Usually, at inaugurations, they show the President getting sworn in somewhere out of the public’s view. This is the official swearing in. Then you have the dog and pony in front of the public. In this case we did NOT see any private or official swearing in. We only saw the dog and pony in front of a couple dozen masked people and 25,000+ troops.

Speaking of the troops, they turned their backs on the motorcade as it passed by. Did you see this?

When are the troops suppose to leave the capital? In this statement, we read January 19-21, now the Mayor is requesting an additional one week, the same Mayor Bowser who aimed to take control of the Guard herself. CLICK HERE to read my piece on how to lockdown America’s national capital.

Meanwhile, Secretary Mike Pompeo transferred eyeballs to his personal account he tweeted this bit of scripture at 17:05 est. time… 5:05

“Many are the plans in the mind of a man, but it is the purpose of the Lord that will stand.”

Proverbs 19:21


pompeo 5:5

I am praying, alongside all of you, but I feel 100% confident that patriots are in control.

What are the next steps ahead?

Isn’t there an impeachment trial coming up?

Will President Trump’s defense team get to lay out all of the evidence for the American people?

We were promised our day in court!

February 1st is FREEDOM DAY – Will we be celebrating as a nation?

Will we be celebrating as a world?

I welcome your thoughts and comments below.



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  • I am thankful to God almighty that by Divine guidance I was led 2 first the Sgt site which led me to eventually yours and to the point I was born Air Force and I always knew in my heart that this kind of reaction would have to take place I just couldn’t in my mind figure out how but yet I kept the faith in God we trust and God Made A Way I see that the movement is happening of We the People and I deeply appreciate all that you were doing God bless you always as I could tell you are in the article about the schools I just read is so very important to me also again God bless and thank you

    Joseph Mustonen on
  • Micheal I may be in wrong place but I’m not a tech person but I have to say thank you so much for your service and for still fighting for united states I let things bring me down and loose hope and then I’m up again ready I throw up a little in my mouth whenever I see what’s in white house/capitol I can only pray theese morons will be exposed thank you again for all you do

    Jamie England on

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