Trump's NOT Concession Speech

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Trump's NOT Concession Speech - a signal.

Wait what?

"this will be a smooth transition of power"

.... back to the American people.

You didn't think it was over did you? No.

The best is yet to come. 

Patriots have been shouting for years about the heinous corruption we've seen in the halls of our nation's greatest institutions and abroad on foreign battlefields.

It's disgusting. Now, it's come to a full froth. 

Think about how many deepstaters have been snuffed out due to this debacle of an election.  Last I counted, six senators maintained their objections to tallying the votes.

The U.S. constitution is clear on the purpose of the legislature, to count votes. It's not up to the federal legislature to decide elections. That onus falls on the states.

Did you see how many of them are truly corrupt?

One should be asking how high up does this corruption go? We shall see in the coming days. As the light shines it's way through the darkness. Everyone is watching. We all took part in witnessing election fraud.

Deniers of such terrible acts are truly delusional.

The speech made by President Trump was not a concession, it was a signal....stand fast.

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