We Must See The Impeachment Trial Of President Trump – Here’s why

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We must see the impeachment trial of President Trump. – Here’s why…

Impeaching President Trump requires the House impeachment managers to argue against heinous acts, high crimes, and misdemeanors. In doing so, they will actually prove President Trump’s innocents and set the president of trying former office holders for such crimes. Which means all past office holders may be on the chop block if found guilty of the offenses.

Upon impeachment, each party is subject to the punishment pertaining to their crime. If the crime has already been committed and the former office holder is held in confinement, it becomes all too easy to impeach and permanently bar that person from ever holding office again.

This sets the stage for impeaching past Presidents and office holders.

Impeach Past Office Holders PENNEY

Which matters because if it is determined that their crimes were performed while serving in office, the party(s) associated with such acts would then be criminals and their policy actions would be null and void.

Like sending pallets of cash to Iran based on a nuclear deal.

Congress is effectively setting the president that it can go back and impeach former office holders. This does not mean, however, that they may convict a party of a crime. Impeachment must be presented through the portal of a crime having been committed; hence the party must be impeached.  

Has President Donald J. Trump committed any high crimes or misdemeanors… any you can prove?

How about any other past Presidents or office holders?

Crimes proven may result in impeachment of past office, which results in them never being able to hold office, ever again.

At this point, "what difference does it make?”... has a different twang to it now.

"What difference does it make?!?!" PENNEY

How is the impeachment tried; who presides over the trial?

Impeachment is tried in the Senate. When the executive branch is under trial, the Chief Justice of The Supreme Court of The United States of America presides over the senate.

In this case Chief Justice Roberts is refusing to preside over the trial. Because Chief Justice Roberts is arguing that the executive in defense, President Donald Trump, is no longer the president. Therefor, he argues, that he cannot be the presiding judge. Democrat Senator Leahy of Vermont will, instead, be the presiding judge. 

Prepare yourself for the kabuki theater!

Hypocrite Judging Trump PENNEY

The election fraud followed by a sham impeachment illustrates corruption of the civilian courts, all the way up through the supreme court. In doing so it solidifies the argument for “Martial Law”, which we are currently under.

I keep saying and it seems easier to understand and believe now, this whole election may go until March 4th, per the 12th Amendment. At which point all states may offer a single vote for the presidency, if a vote is not met, the Senate may vote in 2/3rd majority.

I believe we will see President Trump’s acquittal followed by the impeachment Biden and past holders of office regarding high crimes and misdemeanors, which cannot possibly be held in the corrupt court system and therefor must be held as military tribunals.

This eliminates outside influence on the proceedings.

The kabuki theater of the civilian courts and congress sets up the actual military tribunal. Effectively, by impeaching President Trump, [they] are forced to sink themselves further into the noose.

Bear in mind you are watching a movie. “Either follow the script or you’re dead.

Many may get life in prison. Many may get executed. Remember we changed our manner of federal executions. A last act by AG Bill Barr on his way out.

Lots to think about and many leaders to watch. You can see their positive and negative characteristics playout much more distinctly now. Like a well planned event.

I will continue to have faith as we move forward through this endeavor. Remember it took us a long time to get into this mess, it’s taken us a while to get through it to this point. Now we are watching the climactic moments.

More and more leaders are waking up to what has been happening.

Keep shining a light into the darkness. Keep sharing!


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