WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON? 3 Books To Bring Things Into Perspective

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In today's craziness it's important to study and gain perspective in order to navigate the world effectively and with purpose. Here are 3 books that I highly recommend.  


Start with "The Vision Of the Anointed" to gain a overall perspective. Thomas Sowell is fearless in his analysis and packs all of his primary sources into the bibliography for your perusing; more than 750+ cited sources were compiled to provide you with a clear understanding of the craziness. 

Next it's Douglas Murray's "The Madness Of Crowds" where he lays out the issues of identity politics into terms we can all understand. Frankly, it's a breath of fresh air reading a well educated author lay out the reasons why I don't have a responsibility to partake in the transgender fantasy. Also, he's gay. So that adds a different layer of understanding through the writers words that I wouldn't otherwise gain perspective on. All around, it's a wisely tailored book for the modern reader. I recommend it. 

To wrap this 3 part list up I invite you to read, "Profiles In Courage" by John F. Kennedy. JFK may have been born into an illuminati deepstate family but he was trying to break it up with fury; he and his brother Bobby. When President Kennedy was a Senator he took on the task of telling the tales of our greatest martyrs, up to that point in history. Ironically, in the book he foreshadows great acts of heroism which may result in ones own demise. A reality he and Robert both knew and yet they worked diligently. Read this book and have a better understanding of what our leaders are dealing with right now.  

Battle requires sharp whit and cunning. The absolute most important part of the battlefield for every warrior lies right between their ears. Train the mind for any battle.


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