Would You Pay $1000 For A T-Shirt?

Posted by Michael J. PENNEY on

Would You Pay $1000 For A T-Shirt?

Depends on the VALUE of the T-Shirt.

What is the VALUE to you? Is it just a shirt? Is it just cloth? Or is it the perceived VALUE you experience and return in kind with pay?

Why buy a $1000 T-Shirt? 

Because you are worth it.


It looks great. 

Allow me to offer this notion as a possible understanding as to why you would purchase something as simple as a t-shirt for $1000 dollars...because I've added that amount of VALUE into your life. Once the scales have been tipped toward that amount of VALUE, that's when you need to get a $1000 T-Shirt. 

It may seem absurd to the initial onlooker but I will have ample time to earn their perceived VALUE. 

Get the T-shirt.

Let them ask why. But if ya have to ask you probably wouldn't get it.



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  • I used to ask why would someone pay $30,000 for a pair of HiFi speakers? Then I bought a pair and found out for myself. They sound incredible.

    Todd on

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